Da kan du velge mellom Adobe Acrobat
som koster kr. 8700
eller TurboPDF som koster kun kr. 1190
Da tegningene fra PaperSpace er ferdig printet ut som et samlet pdf-dokument med flere sider, åpner TurboPDF seg automatisk.

Du kan nå redigere, legge til tekst og bilder. Du kan trekke inn andre pdf-dokumenter og opprette nye sider, kopiere og lime inn tekst og bilder.
Legge til video, lyd og importer Word eller Excel dokumenter.

Bilder kan skaleres og roteres.
Du kan bruke Stamp ( stempel) og Forms med avhukings bokser med mye mye mer.

Til slutt kan du gi pdf-filen et passord.

Send filen til dine venner eller til et trykkeri.

TurboPDF gjør det samme som tilsvarende program som koster 5-10 ganger mer.

PDF Collaborate, Annotate, and Share!
TurboPDF is a feature rich PDF solution to produce professional looking PDF documents quickly, affordably, and securely. It everything you need to create, collaborate, edit, and secure PDF documents at an affordable price.

Key Features and Benefits

    PDF Editing - Change text; add headers, footers, page numbers, images and video; add and delete pages; design forms; and more.
    Scan and OCR - OCR support allows users to convert scanned or image-based content into selectable and searchable text.
    Collaborate and Share - Markup and add comments to PDF documents for easy workgroup collaboration
    Convert and Export - Users can export PDF to Microsoft Office®, text, RTF, HTML, and popular image formats.
    Protect and Sign - . Comprehensive security features can safeguard documents through the use of password encryption, certificate encryption, and digital signatures.

Why you need TurboPDF
PDF has become the overwhelming file format of choice because it is a robust and open standard for document display and it works with just about any application, hardware device, and operating system. However, you no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars on Adobe Acrobat to create, edit, collaborate, and secure PDF documents. TurboPDF offers all the features you need (and more) at an affordable price. Its ISO 32000-1 / PDF 1.7 standard compliant and works with all your existing PDF documents and forms so migrating over is easy and it will cost far less than the list price to upgrade to the next version for Adobe Acrobat.

Key Features and Benefits

    Producing and signing documents
    Implementing workgroup collaboration
    Designing forms
    Producing marketing collateral
    Securing confidential information
    Archiving company documents

Download a 15-Day Risk-Free Trial
Try TurboPDF with absolutely no obligation for 15 days. No credit card is required and you have unlimited access to all of the features.
PDF Comment Features
Use TurboPDF’s powerful annotation and sharing tools, to easily collaborate with others and provide feedback (through comments/annotations) on PDF documents, to generation superior PDF documents and forms.

    Add, manage, view and navigate document comments
    Familiar comment, markup tools (notes, text boxes, callouts, highlight, underline, strikeout, squiggly, cross-out, typewriter, Stamps, etc. ) and drawing tools (comment tools including lines, rectangles, pencil, oval, polygon, cloudy, arrow)
    Measuring tool for distance, perimeter and area measuring
    Attach a file as a comment
    Organize and manage a library of stamps
    Import/Export comments data and summarize comments

Note to TurboCAD Owners: You will find that TurboPDF’s collaboration and sharing features help bridge the gap between people using TurboCAD in the office and those people working on the TurboCAD design in the field. Document authors can share a document with others, who are able to add their own comments to the document, and also view and respond to each other’s comments.

PDF Forms Features
PDF forms are very powerful and widely used. TurboPDF's form creation tools help automate the process by identifying and creating form fields for you. Once complete, TurboPDF provide the ability to fill both standard (acroforms) and XFA forms and to save form data.

    Form designer assistant
    Form field recognition
    Fill in and save forms, including XFA form
    Import/Export form data, reset form fields
    JavaScript support
    Draw and edit form controls (text fields, buttons, drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons and digital signature fields)
    Edit static XFA form
    Digitally sign acro forms and XFA forms
    Enables 2D barcode generation from Ultraforms® enabled fillable PDF forms

PDF Security Features
Many times users need to protect PDF documents. TurboPDF provides PDF protection capabilities in a single, powerful solution. In addition, TurboPDF provides multiple compelling options to sign and then protect those signed PDF documents.

    Removes undesired information from your document before publishing, like metadata, comments, hidden data from previous saves, hidden layers, overlapping objects, and more
    Add, edit, delete and manage passwords secure encryption and permission controls to PDF files
    PDF Sign - Add, edit, delete and manage an image of your signatures to PDF files
    Send, sign and save PDF documents using DocuSign, the industry's most widely used eSignature solution
    Add, edit, delete and manage security policies
    Add, edit, delete and manage digital signatures to PDF files
    Add, edit, delete and manage certification secure encryption and permission controls to PDF files
    Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Service Decryption
Operating Systems

    Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with or without Service Pack 1(32-bit & 64-bit)
    Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
    Microsoft Office® 2007 or later version (required for some PDF creation features)
    For users utilizing the Active Directory Rights Management Service and SharePoint integration capability, Windows 7 or Windows Vista with Service Pack2 (SP2) is required
    Windows 8 Full Version
    Verified as Citrix Ready® with Citrix XenApp® 6

Recommended Hardware for Better Performance

    1.3 GHz or faster processor
    512 MB RAM (Recommended: 1 GB RAM or greater)
    1 GB of available hard drive space
    1024*768 screen resolution
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